Sunday, June 12, 2011

our blog is born

We didn't think we could get any closer than sharing a room in our sorority house this past fall. We managed to fill every square inch of it and somehow survived without a severe case of claustrophobia. Second semester we were separated when Joli left Columbia in the dust and studied in Barcelona. Three months apart seemed like forever, but now, looking back time somehow flew by. Who would have guessed that living apart would bring us to where we are today. This summer, we have officially topped that tiny space in the sorority house. Sharing a room, clothes (clothing rack included), and even a bed; this summer has already proved to be an adventure.  That explains part of our reasoning for creating this blog, to hopefully explore and explain all different aspects of our lives this summer. To kick-start our blogging experience, we were inspired by Kendi Everyday and her 30 for 30 remix. We decided to take the challenge with our own twist; 10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days. This twisted remix challenge will start June 20th. In addition, we will blog about our everyday activities, fashion, food and all our favorite things. Blogging begins now, enjoy!


  1. Good luck with your blog and the challenge..taking the challenge myself and a bit excited!